A-10C Warthog

Patch -

Patch Lista zmian w języku angielskim poniżej:FEATURES
* Moving and changing cirrus clouds.
* Increased the destruction values of buildings. A big and concrete buildings will require more bombs for destruction. For example: a big 16-floor building now requires two Mk-84 rather one Mk-82, as it was earlier. The same holds true for the hardened Command Center and Ammo Depot.
* Added new, higher resolution textures for some buildings: TV tower and Control Tower by Mustang.
* New CBU-97 and CBU-105 animations.
* Edited flight manual.
* Defend Camp Yankee and Overwatch single missions have been updated.
* HOTAS Fundamentals Training Mission now integrated in the training menu.
* Added tree shadows.
* Set helicopters to land and takeoff from ships.
* Improved multiplayer stability.
* Improved FARP model.
* Improved object and terrain Z-fighting.
* New Ticonderoga-class cruiser.
* JTAC radio 9-line MGRS co-ordinates no longer omit leading Zeros.
* Ka-27s no longer spawn inside each other when taking off from the Kuznetsov.
* A-10C cockpit. Warning lights, Gear handle light and CMSC are now properly Self Illuminated.
* DCS no longer Stutters and accesses Hard disk during disintegration of Player A-10C.
* JTAC will no longer Sparkle unrelated terrain if it obstructs Line of sight to the target, will switch to Type 3 engagement.
* Submarines shadows Corrected.
* Initial LOD changes no longer cause models to disappear briefly, before the new LOD is displayed.
* Train Tunnel entrances are correctly textured now.
* JTAC „Request BDA” Tweaked.
* The GBU-31 is no longer missing a model for its LOD.
* Mission Editor no longer uses excessive amounts of memory when copy/pasting units.
* EWR 1L13 ranges in Mission editor now match those in DCS.exe.
* Side Front Windscreens tinted.
* New E-3A Sentry.
* Updated GUI manual.
* New trigger rules: Flag Equals, Flag Equals Flag, Flag is Less Than Flag.
* New trigger actions: Group MSG (message) and Group SND (sound).
* Nights are much more dark now.

The following airbases have had their names changed:
* UG24: Tbilisi – Soganlug -> Soganlug (runways changed from 14/32 to 13/31)
* UGKO: Kutaisi – Kopitnari -> Kutaisi

Improved Helicopter AI (HAI):
* When analyzing a tactical situation, the HAI will take in account all threats, not only the target that the HAI is engaging.
* If it possible to engage targets from a safe distance, the HAI will not fly close to threats. If it appears that the HAI is not at a safe position (if player lead wingmen are too close to enemy air defenses, for example) the HAI will fly away from away the threat(s) and then start engaging targets from safe a distance.
* If it appears impossible to engage targets from safe distance, the HAI will make only one short attack (one missile launch / rocket salvo or cannon burst per run. ) from maximum range of that weapon and then breakaway to make new attack if required. This reduces fire effectiveness, but it greatly increases HAI survival when engaging targets with cannon or rockets. Of course, the HAI will never hover in an unsafe location.
* If high-priority targets are screened by low-priority targets that makes impossible to attack high-priority target from safe distance, the HAI will attack low-priority targets first to break the screen. In other words, if you have line of enemy APCs and tanks at 4 km and enemy AAA and SAMs at 12 km, your wingmen will engage those APCs and tanks first. No more flying over the enemies heads.
* Jinking anti-flak maneuvering has been added. When flying in the WEZ of AAA, tanks, and APCs, the HAI will fly at high speed and jink. Of course, HAI will not jink when aiming at a target.

* Fixed: RWR symbology intensity knob is now functional.
* TGP North arrow follows TGP view when overflying the tracked target now.
* TGP Autolase symbology has been improved – a steady/flashing ‘A\’ indicator near the laser code on the TGP (autolase conditions are not met if flashing). ‘TGP AUTOLASE FAIL\’ and ‘LASER CODE MISMATCH\’ WCNs also implemented.
* Fixed the GUN READY light logic – the light will be ON only when the gun is really ready to fire (i.e. no more ON while taxiing or taking off); Ground Safety Override Switch will set the light to ON.
* GND SAFE and LDG GEAR annunciations on HUD/DSMS will work correctly now with the Ground Safety Override Switch.
* Training mavericks are displayed now in SADL PPLI weapons status on the TAD.
* Force Feedback stick shaker function have been adjusted.
* Waypoints names set via the ME are now not auto-renamed upon complete CDU reinitialization via DTSUPLD.
* The TGP compass rose is not displayed now if TGP LOS is above the horizon line.
* If the Boat switch on Thrustmaster Warthog is moved to another position with TGP not being SOI, the TGP will update its polarity according to the new switch position once it is made SOI.
* Missing PPLI voice callsign on the TAD is fixed.
* ILS frequency display on CDU FLDINFO page is updated. If an airfield has different ILS frequencies for two of its landing directions, both frequencies will be displayed. Each under the respective runway number.
* TGP A-G/A-A CTRL pages OSB mapping was updated – auto/man gain calibration, focus reset, and latch functions were enabled on these pages.
* Added missing time display on TGP A-A page
* \’NO SPI\’ and \’TEST\’ messages were added for IAM station status on DSMS page.
* Updated the TAD hook elevation display. It will be yellow when no elevation is available – the elevation is derived from the current steerpoint in this case. It will be displayed  in red ‘NO EL\’ when the hook becomes steerpoint.
* Fixed VHF presets when the Mode Selector on the VHF panel was switched from OFF to DF and then to TR (in that order).
* CDU longitude data entry routine is fixed  – there were problems with sign when the data was entered without a hemisphere.
* It will be possible to drop IAMs with CICU and EGI turned off. They will be released as conventional free fall bombs.
* Coordinates format, yardstick type, coordinates, and laser designator mode (L/P/B) are now removed from the TGP display when the laser is in Laser Spot Search or Detect modes.
* COPY FAIL and TGP SLV STPT INV notes have been implemented.
* Various fixes to TGP LSS mode logic – laser spot loss, timeouts, displays transitions, etc..
* Laser mode on TGP AG page can no longer be changed while the laser is fired.
* LSS and laser mode toggle function should now work correctly with TGP slaved to SPI.
* TGP will no longer  track moving objects if LOS is obscured.
* Releasing an IAM will now generate Mark Z.
* Signal Lights Switch and Approach Indexer & AR Status Lights Switch were made functional.
* INR-A and INR-P are displayed instead of AREA and TRACK when TGP LOS is masked.
* \’M\’ on the TGP will no longer flash. It is now visible only when LOS is actually masked.
* System will not allow an invalid laser code to be entered. An invalid data entry results in a „CICU INPUT ERROR” on the scratchpad (CDU or HUD), and caution is displayed on the MFCDs (LASER TRACK CODE INVALID or LASER DES CODE INVALID).
* Maverick symbology logic is slightly varied now with different IFFCC target elevation modes selected – DLZ and range cues have been removed from the display under particular slant ranges.
* The IAM Quick Pickle routine has been updated. After the first quick pickle, the user has a chance to pickle again. After a 15 second timeout, the bomb will become unusable and it will be impossible to ‘restore\’ the bomb via the DTS UPLOA


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